I didnt realise what was in my deodorants.  I have used several over the years, both roll on and sprays. Because they are sold and are made to specifications that are regulated you think that it must be good for you and it wasn’t until I started making natural soap and body butters that I started questioning what goes into health and beauty products.

Aluminium is used in mass produced deodorants.

– This is used to clog pores and prevent sweating.
– Reduces sweating by up to 20%

Not to forget the parabens, steareths and phthalates. Why would you want to smear this on such a delicate part of your body ? Even if it stopped you sweating? I can understand needing a deodorant but not an antiperspirant.

Sounds like a good idea ?  Hmmmm… not when you know that it also can be a cause for Alzheimers Disease and Cancer.  It can also cause infection in the pores, by blocking the release of sweat and cause local infection and lumps under the arms. Again not something anyone would want to suffer from.

The answer is to use Natural Deodorant ! 

Natural deodorants can contain various natural ingredients – good quality oils such as coconut or sweet almond oil, maybe some cocoa butter, also natural waxes such as beeswax or for vegan users, rice bran wax. Natural, fresh scents such as Tea Tree which has natural antimicrobials, or lavender. There may be some vitamin E too. All good ingredients for a natural deodorant.








Getting Used to Natural Deodorants

They do take some getting used to, detoxifying your armpits from aluminium based chemical deodorants and it may be that you would use it twice a day to start with, as it will never work quite as well as a deodorant full of chemicals. There are other ingredients used in Wild Soapery’s Natural Deodorant that works to reduce body odour and sweating.

You have to be ok with sweating a bit, its not as if youre the only one that sweats, we all sweat. Some more than others, and clearly when its summer and hot, you’ll sweat more but then maybe on those occasions or when you have an important meeting and its hot weather a sparing use of an antiperspirant is absolutely fine !

Over time, you will adapt to your natural deodorant and get used to wearing clothing that help to keep you cool. Its not difficult, just adaptation !

Wild Soapery make 6 different All Natural Deodorants, produced in a biodegradable push up sticks. Wild Soapery uses no plastic in packaging.

If you would like to purchase a natural deodorant, click the link

Natural Deodorants



  1. Wow interesting benefits by using  Olive Oil soaps , I am a bit confused . I understand why you wouldn’t make the soap by using 100% olive oil as you mention that would take up to a year to cure . Just wondering what percentage of Olive oil you use in your soaps and do you still achieve the same benefits ?  

  2. this kind of a mystery post.  I see the title but don’t see the actual post.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Nevertheless I’m hoping you can help me save some time researching.

    My brother has really bad body odor.  I mean it’s bad.  Is there any natural strong type that you would recommend to try.  I’m open focus anything at this point!

  3. It looks like my comment will be the first one. It look that your page is completely empty. However for the title I can say that the topic is something that I would like to know about. I want to know how to make natural deodorants, maybe that way I could save some cash and smell like nature

  4. Oh I just love natural soaps!  This is perfect timing for your article because I wanted to find the guest soaps to include in my Christmas Stockings.  

    I’d order them right from here if I could.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  I see I need to sign up so let me see what I need to do to get some soaps.

    Thanks for the very timely post!

    Vanna Pearl

  5. Hello Wildsoapery team,

    I wanted to ask if you do bulk orders and shipping internationally, please?Do you provide some samples of all the available soaps, all the three I am interested in are: The Three wise man(love the name), Sweetheart Swirl and the baby unscented soap.

    I have seen the picture for the lavender and unscented baby soap to be the same, do you confirm if only the scented will differ or what is the difference, please?

    For the regular sized soap, what is the expected usage time, like I bath 2 times a day and I wish to know how much time it will last.

    Last question, what would be your shipping method and time frame to expect the delivery, please?

    Thank you and have a nice day.



  6. I’ve heard of natural soap but I’m not sure how it is made but anything made naturally over man made products is better for the environment as it’s organic.

    How is soap made? 

    I see your article is also about deodorant so my question regarding this, is deodorant made from the same ingredients as soap? 

  7. What a great site this is going to be!  I love natural and home made soaps and scrubs.  I clicked on the body butter and did not see any posts are information yet.  Will this be coming soon?  Will you also have skin scrubs with shea butter?  I will bookmark and be back for sure.

  8. What a wonderful website this is!  I have been searching for natural soaps and shampoos that do not have chemicals or parabens, are made with natural ingredients and no plastic packaging.  Your website fits the bill on all accounts.  I love, love, love the wedding favor soaps.  What a great concept and so unique, I had never even thought about something like that before. Wonderful idea. I am bookmarking your page so I can reference you for holiday gifts for friends as well as stocking up on natural soaps, shampoos and deodorant  for myself.  Also, just a quick question, does your deodorant have aluminum in it? 

  9. The website is great because it is very will organzed into all different products that the Company is producing and for each product a very thorough is provided.

    The description about the different products were very much in detail . It explains the materials that are used in making each of the products and the process the Compay is using in order to be able to produce the product.

    The description about the different products will provide the customer a great opportunity to fully understand the basic and natural ingredients used in producing the products and the main difference between the Wild Soapery and other products .

    People know that the soap and shampoo made by different chemicals is damaging the body and is definitely not good for anyone using it but the natural ingredients that the wild soapery is using are certainly good and beneficial for any one using them.

  10. Anything all natural, I would go for anytime. They contain no chemicals or preservatives which is very good for your health and your skin also. I like the way how you have shown the different stages of how the All natural soaps are made. It’s so nice to watch the video. I would really like to see this done in person.

    The three wise men soap reminds me of “giving gifts at Christmas”. I would really like to see this. Going over this site, anyone can find something they like, and the good thing about these products is that they are all natural. I love “lavender,” but I have not seen it here. I always wonder how these products are made. Thanks for showing me how. 

  11. Thank you for this eye-opening post. 

    I sweat easily especially on my armpits so I always use deodorants. Like you, I tried several kinds too like spray, roll on, at other times stick and now I am using powder deodorant. But it really never occurred to me to check the labels to know what exactly are in them. And did you say most deodorants contain aluminium? Oh my! The other day, I was just reading about how aluminum can negatively impact out health.

    I am always for natural and organic products because they are much safer to use. So I will definitely check out these natural deodorants. By the way, what’s your take on natural, home-made deodorants? Like combining baking soda and lemon juice to make paste. 

  12. Thankyou Alice for your comments. I think we all accept products we have always used as being safe, but more and more I question what is in products. And along with not wanting to use plastic in my business, this makes perfect sense to me. I am not so sure about home made deodorants, baking powder is not great to be honest either and Wild Soapery doesn’t use baking powder either in their deodorants. 

  13. Thankyou Dolores, my website is by no means complete but it does have a good cross section of natural products. I think that frequently we just accept the general products in our lives, like soap and think well soap is soap when actually there are a lot of chemicals in soaps when there is no need. The deodorant is the same, natural deodorant with no plastic casing is the way forward.

  14. Thankyou Bijan. Natural is the way forward along with no plastic. The deodorant sticks are presented in a Kraft tube which is completely biodegradable and will not fill the worlds oceans with plastic. That as a company makes us feel very happy. 

  15. Thankyou so much! You have hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I wanted the business to be. It has taken a long time of research, practice, trail and error to get to this point with all our own recipes and ideas. The natural deodorant has no aluminium, phthalate, parabens, baking powder in it. It is a completely natural product. Thankyou so much for all your comments ! 

  16. Thankyou Matts Mom! I am just finishing the pages, the body butter will be on there soon ! Skin scrubs, liquid soaps for hand wash and dish soap. Lots of other products planned over the next year…. 

  17. Thankyou Darren for your comments. I think that we have all become rather complacent with the products we buy and use on our bodies and take no notice of the ingredients in things we dab on, wash with or rub into our skin. Soap is made using various different oils, I use natural botanicals and essential oils in my soap as I refuse to use chemicals for colour or scent.  Deodorants are made with different oils to soap, along with natural powders that aid the deodorant to do its job!

  18. Thankyou for your comments about bulk orders and shipping. I do bulk orders and ship internationally.  The samples I provide are the guest soap size. There is no difference between the lavender scented and unscented baby soap is the same apart from the lavender essential oil.  The soap has usual expected usage times, and like any soap, when not in use, should be placed on a drainer so it isn’t sitting in a pool of water constantly. Like any soap under these circumstances, it will get soft. 

    The shipping method depends on the volume of soap  – the weight of the packaging. For the time frame on a bulk order, this would depend on what stock we have, as soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure once made. Whilst it can be shipped whilst still going through this process, the soap is at its best from 4-6 weeks from being handmade. 

    I hope this answers your questions and please feel free to contact me if I can help further.

  19. Thank you so much for your comments Vanna. The guest soaps are perfect for Christmas stockings, a really cute size and very appealing for the recipients. 

  20. Thanks Fredery, for some reason the page wasnt loading. But its all fine now if you want to head back and have a look.  Natural deodorants do take some getting used to as they dont work in the same way  but using them does give you a feeling of doing some thing healthy for your body and good for the environment with no plastic packaging.

  21. Hi Barry, so sorry that the page wasn’t loading when you had a look, its all running fine now if you would like to take a look.  Body odour is a problem. There are various ways to try and reduce it. First off is regular showering, and the use of cool clothing that doesnt hold onto odours. What you eat can also affect your body odour, onions, spicy foods, they can all affect how you smell.  For those that do have a problem, shaving under the arms can help with the use of antibacterial shampoos and soaps. The use of a natural deodorant can help, but for some one who struggles with body odour, it would need to be applied twice a day. It can be controlled, and over time would become much less of a problem. Sometimes an antibacterial soap powder in the wash might be a good idea, to ensure that clothing is not harbouring any odours. 

  22. Thankyou for your interesting comments about olive oil soaps. The olive oil soap has 40% olive oil in the soap, with other oils with various characteristics that I want to include in the soap to assist in giving it moisturising qualities and conditioning qualities. Its quite a joy to add different oils and ingredients to create a bar of soap that is going to have such positive benefits to the user. 

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