Glycerin in Soap

When I first started making soap, I didnt realise that my handmade soaps contained glycerin, although I actually hadn’t added any!

Handmade glycerin soap is translucent and made specifically for the soap to be translucent, but my natural handmade soaps also contain glycerin but as a by-product of the saponification process. So when the oils are turned into soap, glycerin is created which remains in Wild Soapery’s natural hand made soaps.

This is a happy occurrence because Glycerin is a natural humectant – this means that it attracts moisture so moisturises the skin when you use the soap.


Glycerin can be plant based or animal based. As a company, Wild Soapery uses only vegetable based oils – coconut, olive, cocoa butter, rapeseed oil etc so the glycerin created is vegetable glycerin and makes all Wild Soapery soaps vegetarian.

Glycerin is used in a multitude of applications from pharmaceuticals to cakes! Many manufacturers of soap extract the glycerin from their soaps to use for different things, but as we hand make every soap, the glycerin remains !